So you're interested in growing your business and learning a little something...heck yes! I have been doing the photography thing for 4 years now, I've done mentorships, workshops and TONS of styled shoots. I would love nothing more than to pass my knowledge on to you! I've been where you are and it would make me so happy to see you thrive in your business.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3




This option would be via Zoom or Facetime. You will get 2 hours to ask any questions you have photography related. This can be anything from editing to shooting tips. I'll have you fill out a questionnaire  beforehand to get an idea of what you want to know and where you are at in your business.

In this option we get to meet up in person! We can go grab lunch and coffee or whatever you feel like. We will chat for 2 hours, you can ask me any questions you have! After our Q + A we will head out to a shoot that I will put together. During the shoot you can see how I pose!

My final option is to meet up in person for coffee or food for 2 hours, we will chat and discuss any of your burning questions. After this we will head to a shoot that I will put together where you can see how I pose my couples. Once that's over we will edit together! You can ask any editing questions.